5 Things you can’t do with the Microsoft Word 2007 Ribbon

I have Microsoft Word on two different PCs. My old laptop have Word 2003 (which I know and love) and the new, shiny desktop has (sadly) Word 2007.  It’s not so bad, but the ribbon is driving me insane.
Here are 5 things I can’t make it do:

  1. Add to or rearrange the commands on the Ribbon.
  2. Change or remove a command or group on the Ribbon.
  3. Add tabs to the Ribbon, unless you use XML and programming code.
  4. Switch to the toolbars and menus from earlier versions of Microsoft Office.
  5. Change the font or font size used on the Ribbon.

If you know of others, let me know.
Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon
I have wasted so much time trying to find where commands are in the new 2007 version, it really beggar’s belief.

Whereas in 2003, I have my way around real quick.

If you know any tips on getting the best from 2007 – and even how to customize the ribbon – please let me know.

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